Joao Tremoceiro

Title: The data and the cities


Degree in Biophysical Engineering from the University of Évora and a postgraduate degree in Spatial Planning and Resource Management from the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. He was a guest lecturer at the University of Évora and head of various services at the Lisbon City Council. He is currently director of the Centre for Urban Management and Intelligence in Lisbon.


Smart Cities. Many cities say they are, others have this ambition, but few ignore the need to be closer to the citizen, sustainable, resilient, more efficient, and proactive.

There are no smart cities without data. Data collected in real time, which allow us to know the “pulse” of the city, learn from the past and take better decisions for the future. Today Lisbon integrates every day more than 2.5 million real-time data in its Smart Management Platform (data from incidents, traffic, bike sharing system, solid waste containers, mobile devices, etc.).

We are still at the beginning of a journey. The use of data is not only a technological challenge. It is also an organizational challenge, to create public organizations with decision processes supported by data, doing it in a safe way, promoting transparency and respecting citizens’ privacy.

Ana Nobre Maia

Title: Data Models in International Transport


Ana Nobre Maia is Project Management Officer in Rangel Logistics Solutions, where she drives strategic transformational programs. She has a strong background in managing complex projects with focus in processes and information systems’ implementations. She was also responsible for Business Development areas in IT in the retail sector and Head of Logistics in the healthcare sector, after some years of managing consulting projects in logistics.