Accepted papers

Main Track

Data driven spatiotemporal analysis of e-cargo bike network in Lisbon and its expansion: the Yoob case study
Analysis of the Tourists behavior in Lisbon using Data from a Mobile Operator
Optimal Control Based Trajectory Planning under Uncertainty
A Multimodal Automated Traffic Monitoring System for Continuous Traffic Information Collection
Detecting Harmful Activity in Pilgrimage Using Deep Learning
Train rides through Europe – Which changes do the passengers need?
Development of a hardware in the Loop Ad-Hoc Testbed for Cooperative Vehicles Platooning
Vehicle Routing Problem for an Integrated Electric Vehicles and Drones System
Bus Journey Time Prediction: A Comparison of Whole Route and Segment Journey Time Predictions using Machine Learning
Predictive Energy Management for Battery Electric Vehicles with Hybrid Models
Software-Defined Mobility Support for Edge Computing Vehicular Systems
Detection of Invisible/Occluded Vehicles Using Passive RFIDs

Late Track

Adaptive Dimming of Highway Lights using Recurrent Neural Networks
Berth Allocation Problem in Export Tidal Bulk Ports with Inventory Control
Detection of Distracted Driving: a Smartphone-based Approach
Traceable distribution of fish products: state of the art of blockchain technology applications to fish supply chains
Integrated Passenger–Freight Transportation Model: Metro of Quito (Ecuador) as a Case Study