Call for Tutorials

Intelligent Transportation Systems are one of the most relevant topics of the 21st century. As we start to see change in current cities reflect that of the progressive evolution of these systems, it becomes paramount to address the sustainability and future of transportation systems. Developing innovative solutions that can tackle real world problems leveraging both quality and cost is the biggest challenge found at the core of INTSYS.

On another hand, in order to transform ideas into reality, there are still many hurdles to overcome. In order for us to reach for the future, we must first acknowledge and identify the challenges that border ethical, societal, technological and economical aspects of the contemporary world. Even so, the goal is only one and that is to shape the transportation systems of the future.

INTSYS 2020 will be held on December 2-4, 2020, in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. This conference is part of the 6th annual Smart City 360˚Summit, and, as such, its intention is to bring together both researchers and stakeholders from multidisciplinary scientific areas in order to discuss the most relevant and emerging issues of the transportation systems of the cities of the future.

The conference will hold a tutorial program that intends to address all the areas that can contribute to the safe and sustainable evolution of ITS. On this sense, we invite all to submit a tutorial proposal that will enrich and spice the curiosity of both researchers and stakeholders alike.

Important Dates

Submission of tutorial proposals: June 19th 2020

Notification of tutorial proposals acceptance: on a rolling basis, at last on June 26th 2020

Submission of the final presentation and copyright form: July 10th 2020

Review Criteria

Tutorial proposes will be thoroughly assessed based on the following criteria: satisfaction of the expected level of quality, relevance to the conference’s scope and general appeal to the audience. We expect tutorials to address relevant, futuristic topics that approach research challenges for intelligent transportation systems not only today, but in the future as well. The conference aims at discussing the “Challenges for 2030” and this will be reflected on the acceptance of tutorials.

Tutorials may need to be balanced in order to ensure that several areas of interest of the audience are covered. Furthermore, their approval shall be done on a rolling basis for early feedback.

Submission Guidelines

All tutorial proposals must be submitted via email to Filipa Ramos at [email protected]. The required fields for the proposal are as follows:

  • Title: ;
  • Presenters Information:Name, affiliation, email address and short biography;
  • Detailed Description:Length, content, schedule, expected learning outcomes, prior knowledge required by the attendees;
  • Previous editions:Indicate the conference and respective date if the tutorial was given before. How is the tutorial still relevant for the 2020 edition of INTSYS?;
  • Materials: Draft of the material or sources to be used as a basis for the presentation.

The progression of the tutorial is entirely up to its organizers. They are responsible for the preparation of the materials, its accordance with the audience and venue conditions. In the case that extraordinary additions will be needed for the presentation to be fulfilled, such additions must be communicated to the tutorials chair at least 3 weeks before the date of the conference. These might be software requirements for attendees in case of a practical integration, special hardware needs or others of the sort.

It is also the tutorial organizers obligation to register for the conference at an early stage. If not enough tutorials register or presenters show no intent to attend, the chair may cancel the tutorials with no previous warning.

Tutorial Chair

Contact: [email protected]

  • Filipa Marília Monteiro Ramos, Deep Learning Research Engineer, Bosch Car Multimedia, S.A.